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Intensive and Workshops

Shame breeds in secrecy. Shame cannot exist when met with empathy, compassion, and care. Addiction grows in isolation, and connection fuels recovery. It is because of this that we have such a focus on connecting people.


Buliding a framework of healing requires commitment and community. These workshops are designed to build upon each other as you (and, if apporproate, your significant other) navigate recovery in a safe, supportive group atmosphere. Attendance is highly suggested at all Addiction workshops and/or Partners workshop. By having a common language and foundational tools, you can end the year strong by participating and celebrating together the individual work you have both achieved.

Current Workshops

Workshops have a topic and meet for a specific number of weeks. Workshops provide an opportunity to be with others with a similar experience. We have experienced significant shifts within people that have attended our workshops.

Intensive Out Patient (IOP)

An intensive is an opportunity to receive a significant amount of treatment within a short period of time. We offer individual intensives tailored to meet the persons needs, as well as, group intensives programs.

Individual Daily

An Intensive outpatient program can be a good step down option for a person coming out of inpatient treatment, in which he or she meets one hour a day each day of the week for multiple weeks with our clinicians. This provides a level of support for the person leaving the highly structured environment provided by the inpatient facility, and helps give the person a safe place each day to navigate the challenges of acclimating to home and work life. We have also found daily individual outpatient helpful for the person needing more support however is unable to attend a group IOP for different reasons.

Group Intensive Out Patient (IOP)

A group IOP experience provides the benefit of six months of group therapy over the course of 3-4 days. Individuals who have completed an intensive experience with us report feeling more confident with a foundation for sobriety as well as a useful tool-kit to maintain and build a meaningful recovery. The intensive is tailored to the specific needs of those in attendance. Either for those newer to recovery, or those in a longer term recovery that find him or herself struggling with roadblocks that may be in the way of a deeper and more meaningful recovery. The format is educational, experiential, and process oriented.


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